PUPIL PREMIUM PLUS FOr children in care

Pupil Premium Plus is funding to help improve the attainment of children in care and to close the attainment gap between this group and their peers. 

The funding is managed by the Virtual School in the Local Authority that looks after the child and is used without delay for the benefit of the child’s educational needs as described in their Personal Education Plan (PEP).

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Previously looked-after children
To find out how to access Pupil Premium Plus funding for previously looked-after children, click here.

Who is eligible for Pupil Premium Plus funding ?

Nottingham City children in care of statutory school age (Reception to Year 11) are eligible for Pupil Premium Plus funding. 

Please note: children in care of nursery age come under Early Years Pupil Premium which is administered by the Early Years Team. For further information, contact the Virtual School on 0115 8764694.

How is Pupil Premium Plus paid to schools?

In February 2020, Nottingham City Virtual School consulted with all schools that had one of their children in care on roll, regarding different options for the administration and distribution of PPP funding. The majority of schools that responded to the consultation indicated they preferred an automatic payment of £500 per term, with the option of applying for additional funding if required.

Following the outcome of the consultation, from September 2020 Nottingham City Virtual School will no longer require  schools to apply for the termly PPP allocation. Instead, a £500 payment will automatically be made to schools for each Nottingham City statutory school aged child in care on their roll.  If additional funding is required, schools can apply through a simple online application form.

Funding periods

Academic Year 2020/21

Funding Period

Payment Date

Funds Available

Sep – Dec 2020

October 2020


Jan – March 2021

February 2021


Apr – July 2021

May 2021


Applying for additional funding
  • The Nottingham City Virtual School acknowledges the need to provide schools with the opportunity to apply for additional funds over the £500 per term automatic allocation. This is because some of our children have needs that require interventions/activities that exceed the termly allocation and some of our children will require specific support and intervention to enable them to successfully transition between schools.
  • Schools with a Nottingham City statutory school aged child in care on their roll can therefore apply for additional funding on top of the £500 provided termly if required.
  • Additional Funding Requests are paid from available PPP funds. The amount of additional funding available is limited and determined by the number of schools that have successfully applied for additional funding as well the number of schools that have received the automatic £500 per term allocation.
  • Schools can apply for additional funding through an online form. To support the needs of our children in a timely manner there are no stipulated periods in which schools can apply for additional funding; an application can be made anytime within the financial year 2020/2021 up to and including 29 January 2021.
  • The online application for requesting additional funding will be made available to all schools that have a Nottingham City child in care on their roll. The link to the form will be emailed to all Designated Teachers and Head Teachers at the beginning of each new financial year, along with a ‘Welcome Pack’ providing key information pertaining to the Nottingham City Virtual Schools arrangements. The link and pack will also provided to schools at the start of a new academic year and in-year where they take a Nottingham City child in care on their roll. Schools can also request the link to the online application by contacting the Virtual School, see contacts at paragraph 13. 
  • Applications for additional funding will be considered by the Head of the Virtual School after the 21st of each month. Additional funding requests received after 21st of each month will not be considered until the 21st of the next month.   The online application is open throughout the financial year 2020/2021 up to and including 29th January 2021.
  • On receipt of the completed form, all additional funding request requests will be scrutinised by the Virtual School Head, in accordance with key principles agreed locally. Applications will be approved subject to it being completed fully, in accordance with the child/young person’s PEP and where it doesn’t constitute any of the circumstances of non-approval, outlined in paragraphs 8-9 below.
  • The Virtual School does not have capacity to contact individual schools to inform them of applications approved. However, we will make contact with schools if funding requests are not approved or when we require further information.
  • The Virtual School is only able to allocate funding for interventions taking place in that financial year. It is not in accordance with the Conditions of Grant to make retrospective PPP payments for interventions that took place in a previous financial year.
  • Click on the link below to open the online additional funding request form


Key Principles for approving additional funding requests

Pupil Premium Plus is in place to benefit the child in care and must be used to enhance and improve their educational outcomes and experience. The child/young person’s voice and their specific needs are of central importance in considering the use of Pupil Premium Plus funding and should be incorporated in their Personal Education Plan.

There is no one specific intervention that will meet/improve/enhance the educational needs of every child in care; children’s needs vary and can change significantly. What follows, therefore, are example interventions the Nottingham City Virtual School are likely to approve Pupil Premium Plus funding, based on our general understanding of ‘what works’ in improving and enhancing educational outcomes and experience:

 One to one tuition
 Booster sessions
 Nurture groups
 Therapeutic sessions
 Behaviour support
 Extracurricular activity sessions

Circumstances where Pupil Premium Plus will not be provided

PPP will not be provided if it is being used to double fund or replace funding which should already have been allocated to support the child; example circumstances where PPP will not be provided include:

 To fund services that should be provided as part of Special Education Needs (SEN) support or an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).
 To fund statutory work and/or services
 Where the school’s own funding covers the cost of the intervention.
 To fund activities that are expected to be covered by fostering allowances
 To fund activities/interventions not detailed or aligned to the child’s PEP

Pupil Premium Plus payment process
  • All PPP funding allocated and distributed by the Virtual School is submitted to the Nottingham City Council’s finance team to process the payment.
  • Some schools may experience a delay in receiving payments if they are not set up as a Supplier on the City Council’s financial system. Where schools are not set up the Virtual School PPP Administrator will contact them for their bank details to be provided on letter headed paper and will add them to the financial system so payment can be made. As part of the Nottingham City Council’s financial accounting, the Corporate Finance Team will undertake anti-fraud checks for schools added to the financial system. Until these checks have been satisfactorily completed the school will not receive any funding, it is therefore important the school’s finance office complies with such requests as soon as possible to reduce delay in payments being made. The Virtual School’s PPP Administrator can be contacted if there are any queries in respect to this.
  • Schools maintained by Nottingham City Council will receive their PPP funding by means of a budget adjustment on their School Budget Share Letter.
  • Academies, independent schools, schools maintained by other authorities and other providers will receive their PPP funding as a NCC supplier. Schools will receive a remittance advice, usually via email or post, detailing the date the payment was made, the value of the payment and the EMSS AP payment number for use in enquiries.
  • Nottingham City Virtual School will not seek to recoup PPP provided where a child moves school during the term. However, where schools have received a significant amount of PPP funding the Virtual School may seek to recoup this to ensure there is sufficient funds available for the new school the child attends.
  • If a child moves school or comes into care after that term’s £500 PPP funding has been paid, the new school will receive the £500 allocation the following term, if funding is required before then the new school can submit an additional funding request.
  • Nottingham City Virtual School reserves the right to recoup PPP funding if there is no evidence the funding is being used to benefit the child in improving their educational outcomes and experience.