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Deaf Awareness Week – 2nd – 8th May 2022

Deaf Awareness Week takes place from 2nd to 8th May. Deaf Awareness Week is about raising awareness of deafness and hearing loss and encouraging people to be more deaf friendly.

What is deafness?

Deafness or hearing loss means that one or more parts of someone’s ear or ears are not working as well as they need to.

There are different types of deafness:

  • Sensorineural deafness which is when the inner ear is not working effectively. This type of deafness can be permanent.
  • Conductive deafness is when sound is not able to pass through the ear effectively due to blockages caused by wax or fluid. Conductive deafness can be temporary or permanent.
  • Unilateral deafness is when a person has deafness in only one ear.

And there are different levels of deafness or hearing loss. One person could have mild hearing loss while another person could have profound hearing loss.

People who are deaf or have hearing loss use different ways of communicating with others. Some people who are deaf speak. Some people who are deaf use sign language. And some people who are deaf speak and use sign language.

It's Competition Time!

Design a poster about how to talk to people who are deaf or have hearing loss using the top tips about how you can be more deaf friendly. The closing date for the competition is Friday 17th June. The winner of the poster competition will receive a selection of exciting books which have characters who are deaf or have hearing loss.

This competition is open to children in care aged 5 – 18 years. Please include your name, age and school/college in your entry.

You can either post or email your posters to us at the Virtual School.

By post:

Nottingham City Virtual School, Education Division, Nottingham City Council, Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3NG

By email:


Mental Health Awareness Week – 9th – 15th May 2022

The theme for this year is Loneliness.

Loneliness has been an important factor contributing to higher levels of distress, resulting from people’s sense of isolation and reduced ability to connect with others. Reducing loneliness is a major step towards having a mentally healthy society.

The past two years have seen an increase in concerns relating to our wellbeing and a rise in Mental Health issues within our communities, due to the pandemic.

This annual event provides an opportunity for all of us to focus on achieving good mental health and wellness.

Ask questions such as “How are you doing”? “How was your day at school & what did you enjoy the most”? “Did you eat your lunch”?

These types of questions may then alert you to signs of worry or concerns, relating to wellbeing.

The Mental Health Foundation provides resources and advice on how we can all prevent poor Mental Health and promote positive wellbeing.

Click below to find out more:

Our work | Mental Health Foundation

What can you do to support MHAW 2022?

  • Wear Something Green Day at your school.
  • Turn your social media profile pages green or add a temporary frame.
  • Check in with a person, who you believe is feeling isolated or lonely i.e neighbour/friend.
  • Build resilience by giving praise and or rewards.


How can you be more deaf friendly?

Here are some top tips to use when speaking to a person who is deaf or has hearing loss:

  • Get the person’s attention so that they know that you would like to talk to them. You could tap them lightly on the arm or hand, or wave at them.
  • Reduce any noise in the background such as turning the television down or closing a window if there is lots of noise from outside.
  • Face the person when you are speaking to them so that they can hear your voice and see your lips if they need to lip-read. Also, try not to cover your mouth while you are talking.
  • Then just talk to the person. You do not need to raise your voice or speak slowly.
  • You could point to things when you talk about them to make it easier for the person to understand what you are talking about.
  • If you are struggling to communicate with the person then you could write a message down, or write a text on your phone for the person to read.

Further information

Further information about deafness or hearing loss can be found here:

Rose Ayling-Ellis

Rose is a British actor who has been deaf since birth. Rose wears a hearing aid and uses speech and sign language to communicate with others. Rose is famous for appearing in the television programme EastEnders and winning Strictly Come Dancing in 2021. During her time on Strictly Come Dancing, Rose raised awareness for the deaf community and encouraged people to be more deaf friendly.