foster carer Promoting Educational Attainment

    How to promote the education of a looked-after child at home:
    • Have a foster home which promotes a learning environment and supports their development.
    • Have access to a range of educational resources to support their learning and have opportunities beyond the school day to engage in activities which promote learning.
    • Support child to attend school, or alternative provision, regularly.
    • Work with the child’s education provider to maximise each child’s achievement and to minimise any underachievement. You can do this by supporting the educational targets that are set at the PEP.
    • Maintain regular contact with the child’s school, attending all parents’ meetings as appropriate and advocating for the child where appropriate.
    • Engage and work with schools, colleges and other organisations to support children’s education, including advocating to help overcome any problems the child may be experiencing in their education setting.
    • Have up-to-date information about each child’s educational progress and school attendance record.

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